Maintenance and repairs

We encourage our customers to pay close attention to maintenance.  Good maintenance save costly repairs down the road, and ensures that your bike or ATV performs as it should.

We therefore offer and emphasize maintenance services first.  We will come and pickup your unit for a small fee.  

We are also ready to work on your units if they need to be repaired.  The most common issues are related to the engine and related parts, electrical issues, suspension and chassis.  We are proud of our attention to detail during the diagnostic phase trying to identify all likely problems.  We also offer the best prices on parts, and when everything is done, we use an extensive checklist to go over your unit before we call you.  Finally, we always wash and clean all units before delivering.

Our turnaround time fully depends on how fast you approve your repair order.  We work very hard on getting parts as fast as possible, with most coming 2-3 days after we place a purchase order.

Engine Services: We have a shop full of very educated, highly trained professional motorcycle technicians just itching to make your bike pur!  We can perform small repairs, to full blown total re-build on both two and four stroke motorcycles and ATV’s.

Note:Prices are labor only, replacing worn and broken parts are charged separately.

Engine Service Prices –

General oil change/service – starting at $30.00
Two Stroke rebuild – starting at $90.00
Four Stroke rebuild -starting at $180.00

Chassis Overhaul:
This includes bringing the bike down to the frame inspecting and replacing any worn or broken parts.  We will tear down, inspect and replace/repair worn linkage bearings, steering bearings, motor mounts and the list goes on and on.  Everything you need to ensure your bike is in prime condition.

Chassis Overhaul Prices –

Total chassis tear down -Starting at $120,00
Linkage bearing service – starting at $150.00

2 thoughts on “Maintenance and repairs

  1. I was referred to you by some bike guys in Roanoke. I have a specialized Rockhopper that needs to have the shock/fork repaired. The shock works but probably could stand to be have new seals and things put in, the real isssue is that the lock-out has failed for an unknown reason. I bought it used on Craigslist this way from an abandoned wife selling her husbands stuff.
    So, do you do shock work? If yes, about how much for a nice rebuild?


  2. Yes we can rebuild the ahock and find out why that lpck out is not working.
    Basic full shock rebuod2 run around $220.00 +/- a few..
    Bring it on up!
    Thabk you for the opportunity to earn your business.


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