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We take pride in our work repairing and maintaining motorcycles and ATVs.  Our techs are certified and we pay attention to quality control.  We stand by our work: if you are not happy, we will not charge for your repair … not a small commitment on our part.

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3 thoughts on “Repairs and maintenance

  1. I’ve got a couple rear shocks I need to have gone through for the upcoming VCHSS season. I have backup shocks on them now so I’m not on a hard timeline. Both KTM. 2009 65xc and a 2006 50sx
    I believe all components to be good, no pitting on the rods that I can tell. Not sure if they need charged or just seals etc. I believe both of them were done by Chad @ total control in the past but as I’m in Roanoke it’s much more feasible for me to get to you guys. Anyway, just curious on a ballpark estimate on service. Let me know. Thanks in advance. Jamie

  2. Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Yes sounds like a basic rebuild should take care of it. Each shock should be right around $220.00
    That’s including parts and labor. That’s rebuilding bushing seals and seal head bump rubbers o’rings oil nitrogen so on.
    I could have them done in a week and a half if I got them tomorrow.
    Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Go race!

  3. Hi we just bought a mini jeep and there was no manual and we need to see where the oil goes and also there is a piece that I sticking out spraying gas another tube cut lose not sure what these are or where they need to be I was hoping maybe you could email a quick guide or a user Manuel thank you.

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