Yamaha WR250R Suspension!


We have had amazing success with the Yamaha WR250R Suspension system over the years! This is a very good motorcycle, but the stock suspension system is less than desirable. We have a proven solution with very happy customers from all over the world!

Yamaha WR250 R & X suspension service:

The “Full Monty” suspension upgrade using stock spring rates $975.00

The OEM stock spring rates are for a 170-185 lbs rider with gear.  However these spring rates are not set in stone, riders may prefer a stiffer or softer spring rate. Also you must consider add-on weight, oversize tanks and added farkels.  Every pound matters!  

Stock spring rates:

 .47 kg-fork spring 

7.7 kg- shock spring =/- 10%

If you are lighter or heavier than the stock design of 170-185 lbs then we have spring options. 

If you are Short inseam then we have lowering options for both fork and shocks. We can put your feet on the floor no matter what height you are.

Note: Please stay away from lowering links; It changes the leverage ratio and the bike will not preform as it could. Let us balance the bike front and rear equally!

Full Monty with springs for both fork and shock $1260.00


Forks rebuild/revalve service $225.00

Shock rebuild/ revalve service $225.00

Lower kits installation $90.00

Whole bike delivery for “removal and reinstall” of suspension $90.00)

We also offer complete chassis lubrication and torque service of all chassis pivots $270.00

(Note: OEM’s do not use enough or good quality bearing grease when building the bike. 

This should be an annual service to any dirt bike! 🙂


Technical section


Shock shaft seal head assembly $75.00 KYB  part 46/14mm

“This part must be replaced because the stock one is not in spec (The bushing in the stock seal head is a 12mm. The shaft bushing tolerance is on the loose side causing shaft deflection. The KYB seal head is a 15mm bushing and a tighter Shaft clearance which means less shaft deflection.

46mm Shock high flow base valve piston assembly $125.00

This piston will provide a firm but compliant ride. There are many reasons this part is changed, mainly quality product with Very tight tolerance to the body of the shock eliminates shock fade at high temperature.

Shock Nitrogen bladder adds 75cc fluid volume to shock. $25.00

(more consistent damping, better cooling)

Taller softer Shock Bump Rubber, increases bottom resistance/ adds to plushness!. $25.00


Fork base valve Assembly 20mm kit “My own creation” $150.00 This valve is machined billet alloy with High Flow Technology. The fork will hold itself higher in the stroke and be able to move at a higher speed over the stock valve.

Fork seals sets:

Low Friction SKF- Green  FORK SEALS- 46MM $70.00 PAIR “The best on the planet!”

 SKF fork seals The best at reducing friction and keeping the dirt out! http://www.skf.com/group/products/seals/index.html


KYB OEM FORK DU BUSHING KIT- INNER AND OUTER $40.00 “The best on the planet!”


Spring Prices:

 EIBACH REAR SHOCK spring $130.00

300lbs through 700lbs Spring rates available!

Special Collar kit for rear EIBACH Spring $30.00

CANNON RACECRAFT Fork Springs $130.00 .36kg through .54kg rate springs!

$30.00-Shop supplies- shims- Fluid chemicals- Nitrogen

We Use Only “KYB FLUIDS” 01M works suspension fluids.. The best on the planet!

OEM KYB black rubber Orings  

5 thoughts on “Yamaha WR250R Suspension!

  1. Wondering if it is possible to schedule a drive in service with say one day turnaround time. I am going to be touring on my WRR and could divert my route to pass by your shop. This would be sometime next spring I would think. Regards, Bob (Toronto)

  2. Yes for sure! Just contact us a few weeks before your trip and we will make sure to schedule time to get you in and out in one business day 🙂 thank you for the opportunity to earn your business! Travis JONES

  3. This is Donnie in Colorado just checking to see if you received my forks and shock yet ? plus I wanted you to have my e-mail Thanks

  4. Have had your full Monty front and year for a couple years now. What sort of maintenance should I be doing with this setup? Lots of Enduro style riding..

  5. Hello! Great question..
    I recommend a service every 100 hrs minimally.. If you are off road a lot and pushing the bike. Every 50 hrs would be better! The fluid will wear out also the contaminant of dirt plays directly effects suspension action.
    You will feel a vast improvement with every service. I guarantee it.
    Travis 🙂

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