Hey Travis,
I really like the shocks on the BMW. Now I don’t have to be going over 100 before it smooths out! It does kind of “float” at very high speed on undulating pavement, but switching to sport mode seemed to help a lot. Overall, I’m extremely happy with it. I posted over on the K-Bikes forum. I don’t know if any of those guys have contacted you though.

BMW K1200R  WP electronic suspension service


Travis, The suspension is amazing, rode Durty Daubers earlier this year and I was suitably impressed. Rode Hancock this past weekend and came away loving my bike. I thought the rear suspension would be good but I am blown away with the front, It just soaks up everything it hit’s. What is most important to me is my ability to ride fast without getting tired and my bike is now perfect.
I have not touched the front forks, running them about 1/2 in above the clamps, just set the sag and have not touched it. Save my butt when hitting an unexpected water bar, don’t know what you call a 1/2 tank slapper but luckily my hand was still on the throttle.
Mark Swarthout



I finally got around to reassembling the suspension on my WR and running it through its paces.  What a difference!  You are a true artist.  You had mentioned that you also have had great success reworking the stock setup on the YZ250 (2-Stroke version).  While I’m not dissatisfied with the suspension on that bike, if you can achieve a degree of improvement anywhere near what you did for the WR I will probably ship out the YZ suspension to you.

 Thanks again!


Wanted to make sure I sent you a personal thanks for the fork work, and the fast turnaround on that shock (I’d like my old spring back when you have a chance). I’m far from a fast guy, so I don’t know how much this helps, but here goes. My feedback is this. The fork was no BS a 100% improvement, not even in the same ballpark. The first time I had a chance to ride them was literally shaking the bike down for Sandblast Rally. If you aren’t familiar with the event, it’s a really high speed wide open event in mostly really deep, but heavy sand. Not like desert dunes, more like racing in a sandbox. I ended up tightening up the fork compression 2 clicks (probably could have gone 3, but I didn’t want to overshoot it), and I’m not BSing you when I say it was a religious experience riding the race this year. Previous to this bike, I had raced it on a 690, which suffers from its own suspension problems as well. I ran this year essentially the exact same speed as a couple years ago on the 690. That doesn’t sound too impressive until you consider there are multiple pretty long sections of this race at WFO ( a couple of straights are well over a mile). So on the 690, I was topping out over 100 MPH on the stages, but the 350 was having problems pulling 6th in the sand (13-48), so my fastest speed recorded on my trail tech was 81MPH. My performance was 100% due to having a better suspended bike under me. Honestly, I should have tightened up the rebound on the shock 1 or 2 clicks as well, but I decided to leave it. It will be fine in the woods and on the FS roads I typically ride.


Like I said, I’m not exactly a fast guy, but I can say that your set up was out of the box perfect. All I did was set the sag and went out on stage. I did set the sag at 105mm (that gave me 34mm static sag), because of the high speed nature of the event. I’ll probably come back to 100mm, depending on where that leave the static sag. I didn’t even bother measuring fork sag.  I’ll go back to your baseline settings next time I ride, since it won’t be in the sand. Thanks again for your help, and please feel free to contact me, or use me as a reference for anyone considering this set up. I will not hesitate to help you out and recommend these inserts.


Brian Duncan

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  1. Wooo Hoooo….. After owning 45 off-road bikes I am riding the bike I have been looking for! My KTM 300 was close to being suspended well, but after Travis worked his “magic” on the forks and shock it is GREAT!
    I knew what I wanted and could get only get the suspension NEAR where I wanted to be on my own. (clickers, oil levels, springs etc.) Really hated to hire someone to try their hand at improving my ride but, BOY AM I GLAD. Just a few clicks here…a few clicks there and I have a sweet setup for the conditions of the day whether I’m just trail riding or in “full-tilt attack mode”. My bike never does anything stupid even when I do. Hooks up and drives forward like never before. Front end is always composed and tracking. I have 20/40 vision and rarely see 1/2 stuff my bike hits, now I must be only hitting 1/8 of it or so it feels.
    Man, I am really going to hate buying a new bike in the future because I know I will have to do without my suspension a few days shortly after getting it home…because Go-Race will have it in their hands.
    Money very well spent. Heck I have a set of flexxbars that are still sitting on my bench for over 5 months waiting to be installed. Don’t need them now.

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