June 2020: New CFMoto units in store now!

Thank you everyone that bought the first 12 units we got from CFMoto! The outstanding product, warranty, and financing offered by CFMoto explain the huge success of them and us. Check prices, they are hard to beat.

Now we are receiving the next installment of CFMoto units. We have CForce 400 (four); UForce 500 (one) and UForce 800 (one); and ZForce 800 (one).

In the very near future we will have the first ZForce 950 to be sold in the U.S. We know that everyone has been patiently waiting for this awesome sport side-by-side to come into the country. It will not disappoint, it is outstanding. The warranty is good for 2-years (as is with all the side-by-sides) and you are not going to believe the price: MSRP 12,900 … try to beat that.

Then we will continue receiving the popular CForce 500 and 600, plus renewing our inventory with the rest of the CFMoto line of products–in the near term more UForce 800.

Finally, the list of accessories for all units is large, just come visit us and we will show you how you can add lights, music, taller tires and more to these amazing units.

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