In our new home

Our transition to our new home is over (?). We are now happy with the layout of our shop, where we added a new electric lift and a brand new tire changing machine (thanks to Bob’s friend and to Parts Unlimited respectively). Our parts department is also taking shape and our showroom needs work. But we are here and open to business. Come visit us.

Our counter
Work in progress (not the kid, he is day dreaming!)
What to do with that corner? suggestions are welcomed
Our warehouse and parts section
Our new shelves make it so much easier to organize our parts
Receiving our new tire changing machine
Brand new, beautiful Ferrari red K&L
Gus with a 210 on a $4K wheel (that is why our service manager is doing it)
Where the magic happens thanks to Adam and Matt led by Gus
Matt working on resurrecting a GZ250 on our new electric lift

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