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20140902_125041 I was raised around motorcycles from the young age of about 2 years old.  I remember the smell of my dad’s noisy two stroke Bultaco well.  My dad was a racer and bought my first motorcycle at 5 years old.  I started riding pretty much everyday at age 6.  I was hooked!

In my teens, my dad and I would go trail riding every Sunday (rain, shine or snow) up on Brush Mountain in Montgomery County, VA.  To this day, it’s the best trail system I have ever been on, except now its illegal to ride there… go figure!  You can still pedal on the trails all you want though.  We started racing the VCHSS in 1984, pretty much full time to the current date.  My younger brother, Nathan, started riding the series with us in 1996 at age 7.  We now compete together in the same class, Expert A… I told him years ago my plan of holding him off till I am 40, well so far so good but barley.

I had always enjoyed working on, modifying, and repairing bikes.  Friends would bring my dad and me their worst bike problems in my youth.  We would either repair them in our shop or take them over to my dad’s friend’s house, which was a complete machine fabrication ship.  That is where my interest in suspension came from.  The owner of that shop had designed his own cantilever front suspension systems for his dirt bikes.  They were way complicated and worked pretty well for the times.  He actually patented some of his work.

In the late 80s and 90s I started to experiment in my own suspension systems, taking them apart, modifying them, and changing things around to see what would happen.  It was fun to experiment with different setups.  It only gave me the motivation to find out what was really going on inside.

I attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in 1993 and I then entered the field full time as a motorcycle technician.  The “black magic” of suspension motivated me to attend a real suspension school, so I attended all of the Race Tech schools (some of them twice) in 2000.  A few years later 2005, I attended Traxxion Dynamics suspension school, learning the ins and out of road, race/sport bike setups.I continued training with Ohlins WP KYB Showa Sachs and marzocchi developing suspension that is custom tailored to the rider personal demands.

Custom-tailored suspension is the only way to gain real confidence and control of your motorcycle.  It pays for itself with the smile on your face.

Talk to you soon and Go Race!

Travis Jones
Owner, Go-Race Inc.

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