Engine/Chassis Services

Engine Services: We have a shop full of very educated, highly trained professional motorcycle technicians just itching to make your bike pur!  We can perform small repairs, to full blown total re-build on both two and four stroke motorcycles and ATV’s.

Note:Prices are labor only, replacing worn and broken parts are charged separately.

Engine Service Prices –

General oil change/service – starting at $30.00
Two Stroke rebuild – starting at $90.00
Four Stroke rebuild -starting at $180.00

Chassis Overhaul:
This includes bringing the bike down to the frame inspecting and replacing any worn or broken parts.  We will tear down, inspect and replace/repair worn linkage bearings, steering bearings, motor mounts and the list goes on and on.  Everything you need to ensure your bike is in prime condition.

Chassis Overhaul Prices –

Total chassis tear down -Starting at $120,00
Linkage bearing service – starting at $150.00

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